A1 is Positioned to Service Every Producing Basin

Drilling, Completion, Production and Fracturing Chemicals

  • Specialized, patent-pending Lost Circulation and Well-bore Strengthening Materials
  • Technical to High Purity water based additives
  • Nano- Fluids Materials and Combined Technologies to Specification
  • Engineered Polymers for shale stabilization in hostile environments
  • Complete line of Fracturing and flowback chemicals
  • Zero BTEX, negligible PAH synthetic base oils and lubricants
  • Complete line of corrosion and anti-microbial materials
  • Extremely high performance extended reach lubricants and additives

Packaged and Associated Services

  • Produced Water Treatment facilities from field mobile to 200,000 bpd fixed
  • Central Processing Facilities for liquid and solid waste stream recovery and remediation
  • Portable, comprehensive In-Field laboratory analysis for Drilling and Completion operations
  • Directional Drilling Services, MWD, PWD, LWD tools
  • Location construction from dirt to sales line
  • Turnkey and Footage Drilling Packages
  • Direct Sales, Rig Audits, Wastes and Fluids Management
  • Wellsite Consulting at cost plus 15%
  • Conventional Solids Control and Backyard Services
  • Waste processing technology that eliminates on site centrifuging and landfill disposa